Hunter Fan In-Store Kiosks

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About This Project

Hunter Fan in-store kiosks help Hunter to stand out as a brand, and also helps consumers to find the product they are looking for within the brand.


In a big box retailer like Lowe’s it can be hard to make a product stand out against dozens of competitors. It’s harder still for the consumer who is looking at thousands of product options. Reality Interactive helps Hunter Fan to address both of these issues with the Fan Finder Kiosk.


Using the interactive display screen customers can either use guided selection to generate results based on their input, search by styles and features, or browse all Hunter Fans. The guided selection feature asks the consumer information about the size of their space, the style that best describes their taste, and the features they are interested in.


They can then add further filters based on their preferences to narrow their options even more. Once they have made a selection, they can compare it to similar items or have the option to find it now. The fan finder generates a map, showing the customer where in the aisle they need to go, with the kiosk location as their starting point.