Award-winning digital retail experience for MINI USA

About This Project

A long-term partner of BMW, the creative technology team at Reality Interactive began working with MINI USA to roll out a new Digital Retail initiative to 90 MINI dealerships across the US. The program was made up of three components: free-standing digital signage displays, an interactive “Hub” installation, and Reality’s backbone digital merchandising network.
The digital signage displays are powered by Reality’s bitSHUTTLE® media players and CMS platform. Reality worked with MINI USA to optimize their agency-created content for retail, and create multiple pieces of new content to fill out playlists. The “Hub” kitchen-table style installation made up of locked-down iPads, custom-designed illuminated buttons, a switching system, and a digital signage display. When a customer hits their “boost” button, their custom-designed car is projected on the large screen at the end of the “Hub” table, encouraging collaboration, and a little friendly competition.
All technology pieces were tested to Reality’s retail-rugged™ standards and the network is monitored and supported by their offices in Connecticut. The result is a showroom that is more visually exciting, has targeted digital signage content, and includes a more engaging and personalized sales experience.
Build Your Own application created by BEAM, furniture by Kimble.

Digital Signage, Interactive Environments, Showpieces & Touchpoints