Digital Menu Boards – 2019, 2020

Taco Dumbo Digital Menu Boards


Digital Menu Boards


Taco Dumbo locations are beautifully designed and well-branded experiences. They needed a digital partner who could provide a solution that was not disruptive and could enhance the Taco Dumbo brand experience. Reality Interactive designed and engineered a digital menu board infrastructure and digital signage for Taco Dumbo, running in their New York City locations.

Within a three week turnaround, Reality Interactive handled all of the hardware and installation needs, so business owners could focus on what they do best. We work on planning and managing all menu board content through a content management system, where we upload menu board content onto media players and test content prior to installing in the field. We work on executing the project through the procurement process, ordering and shipping the hardware. We coordinate the installation process, prepare installation documentation and work with on-site contractors to make sure the deadline has been met on behalf of the clients requests.  

Reality has been able to take Taco Dumbo’s existing menu board content and allow the content to shift throughout the day, allowing for different specials to be shown during happy hour and other meal times, also known as day parting.  

Our support team also offers proactive, daily support to make sure content continues to run and provide a premium experience for hungry customers.  

As Taco Dumbo continues to expand and add new locations, Reality is there to support the growing business. All within a three to four week turnaround, we work diligently and efficiently to be flexible around construction, working with a floorplan and the on-site staff to ensure seamless integration into the planning, executing and installation processes.