Time Warner Cable US Open

time warner cable us open tennis app station

About This Project

We created a special tennis edition of Time Warner Cable’s App Station for the 2014 US Open. It is the same style as the App Station which acts as a showpiece in Time Warner Cable’s retail locations. The special edition created for the US Open showed content that was relevant to the event. The theme of the station was the local venue in Flushing, Queens. It featured custom, tennis-specific imagery, and displayed the official US Open news feed. This version of the app station was 11-feet and featured an interactive touch-screen.

Information about Time Warner Cable’s free apps could be found throughout the US Open venue. During the US Open TWC reps used the app station to walk customers and potential customers through some of their most popular apps, and helped them to install those apps on their phones before leaving. Attendees who charged their mobile devices in the Time Warner Cable Studios were provided with TWC screen cleaners with app information.

The 2014 US Open took place August 25 through September 8, at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.

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