Guess which screen gets the most attention?
Retail-Rugged is Reality’s stamp of approval.
It’s the difference between a  negative  brand experience and a  positive  one.
retail-rugged certified
What defines Retail-Rugged?


  • Commercial vs Consumer
  • Minimum runtime rating of 16 hours / day
  • High MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
  • Long-term buying options
  • 3-5 Year advance replacement / back stock
  • Auto start-up on power failure


  • Easy access for hardware replacement
  • Heat displacement and cooling
  • Wire / cable management and strain relief
  • Ability to “hide” buttons from local control
  • Combination locks for security

Remote Management

  • User activity reporting
  • Remote updating
  • Health & Heartbeat monitoring and reporting
  • Periodic system reboot
  • Remotely restart unit / application, and view what’s on-screen

Software & Connection

  • Locked down customer experience
  • Automatic recovery from an application error
  • Customer experience not dependent on internet access
  • A wired connection is ideal (better than Wi-Fi)

What would Retail-Rugged mean for you?

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