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We help brands and agencies like you create better in-store and event experiences.






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Retail-Rugged is our guiding principle.
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  • segd_walking_images_featured
    Reality Hosts First SEGD Walking Tour in NYC

    On a warm summers’ evening Reality guided 40 of SEGD’s finest members through NYC on a tour of some of the retail locations we’ve helped augment with digital experiences. There were three stops along the tour. The first was Juice Press, which is a great......

  • blog_list_thumbnail
    Inspiration Quest! We look at a design legend: Paul Rand

    Paul Rand. Known for his corporate identities, he was the man behind those of IBM, ABC, UPS, NeXT and many more....

  • kiosk-placement-guidance-herd-mentality-kiosk
    Digital placement, guidance, and the herd mentality

    Let me give you some context before we jump into the retail concepts I am discussing here. I’m briskly walking into theater to check out the latest blockbuster movie packed with Orcs and Elves. Did I mention I was late? I rushed into the theater.......

  • dsa-doohdadh-reality-interactive-award-win
    Reality wins the 2015 Digital Signage Award for Retail!

    The Digital Signage Awards are impartial, independent and objective and their aim is to seek out examples of the world’s most excellent digital screen media projects, creativity, content and technology....