What we learned at the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp

We recently attended the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp in Chicago.  The event focused specifically around getting to know various technologies with practical hands on sessions. We experimented with sensors, explored different ways to create engaging content for different environments, and looked at ways to develop meaningful...

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3 Takeaways from Future Stores 2017

We recently attended Future Stores 2017 in Seattle. Here are some of the key takeaways we took from the three days of sessions and live tours. Customer behavior is changing Many of the sessions reinforced the fact that customers are changing their shopping behaviors. Sessions such as...

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Our support for the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp

We are excited to announce we'll be supporting the SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp this June 13th and 14th. We'll be providing equipment for the session "Audience Engagement - Real-Time Sensor Data Visualization with Arduino" which will be run my Michael Shaub from Gensler. For more information about...

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Here’s what we learned at the ICX Summit this year

Last week we spent a few information packed days at the ICX summit in Dallas. We were very proud to also pick up the ICX Elevate award for the Best eCommerce experience. The talks and discussion at the summit centered around exploring retail innovation as a...

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The power of partnerships

Reality's Craig Martin was recently asked to speak about partnerships at the SEGD conference 'The business of Design'. The event focused on strengthening the business skills to build, manage and sustain a design practice. At Reality, we actively seek and nurture partnerships, as we believe in their...

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Are customers expectations rising?

Though in-store retailing still dominates, there’s a lot of research to demonstrate the rising growth of online sales. The impact of this continuing rise in online purchasing has been an increase in customer’s expectations on their in-store experience. The online conveniences of avoiding queues, being...

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Our support for SEGD continues…

Reality Interactive are pleased to announce we have become an industry partner of SEGD for the second year running. The decision to renew our support the organization is a result of SEGD’s commitment to promoting a collaborative design process that puts user needs first, creating environments that improve...

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How Big Brands are Creating Immersive Retail Experiences

As we know, retail brands, from cosmetics to athletic apparel, are utilizing their stores in order to provide today’s consumers with the immersive experiences they’re craving.  Shoppers are demanding personalized experiences even more these days, and the successful retailers are responding by engaging their senses...

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Tapping Into Shoppers Sensory Experiences

Today’s consumers require more than visual queues alone to influence their purchasing decisions.  Retailers are resorting to more expansive, sensorial approaches in their stores in order to drive sales.  In a world where brand-to-consumer relationships are imperative, every store visit must leave an impression, and...

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The Importance of Bricks and Mortar stores

There is wealth of data being published that demonstrates the growth of online and mobile sales. However, more recently, there is also a growing body of research suggesting that consumers are increasingly seeking instore experiences and that the presence of a retail location can help...

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Experiential Retail Walking Tour with SEGD

At a sell-out tour this year with SEGD for Xlab and New York Digital Signage Week, we took our group to various locations in Manhattan which have successfully integrated digital installations into their retail environments. We explored the design thinking behind the installations, as well...

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