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Our support for SEGD continues…

Reality Interactive are pleased to announce we have become an industry partner of SEGD for the second year running. The decision to renew our support the organization is a result of SEGD’s commitment to promoting a collaborative design process that puts user needs first, creating environments that improve...

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How Big Brands are Creating Immersive Retail Experiences

As we know, retail brands, from cosmetics to athletic apparel, are utilizing their stores in order to provide today’s consumers with the immersive experiences they’re craving.  Shoppers are demanding personalized experiences even more these days, and the successful retailers are responding by engaging their senses...

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Tapping Into Shoppers Sensory Experiences

Today’s consumers require more than visual queues alone to influence their purchasing decisions.  Retailers are resorting to more expansive, sensorial approaches in their stores in order to drive sales.  In a world where brand-to-consumer relationships are imperative, every store visit must leave an impression, and...

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The Importance of Bricks and Mortar stores

There is wealth of data being published that demonstrates the growth of online and mobile sales. However, more recently, there is also a growing body of research suggesting that consumers are increasingly seeking instore experiences and that the presence of a retail location can help...

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Experiential Retail Walking Tour with SEGD

At a sell-out tour this year with SEGD for Xlab and New York Digital Signage Week, we took our group to various locations in Manhattan which have successfully integrated digital installations into their retail environments. We explored the design thinking behind the installations, as well...

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IoT in retail

With 72% of retailers surveyed in a recent Retail Systems Research report saying they have IoT-related projects already underway, we are likely to see the impact of IoT in retail sooner rather than later. In a recent article by Melanie Nuce, Vice president of apparel and...

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The ‘How’ behind the ‘Wow’ Webinar

Today we ran a webinar with SEGD, presented by our own Doug Hampton-Dowson covering Digital Interactive Experiences - the 'How' behind the 'Wow'. At Reality, we so often see ideas out in the field that miss the mark when it comes to achieving the end result...

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New Developer Team Members

Our Development Team has Grown!

You may have heard about how some of our recent work has achieved awards for our clients. As a result, we are growing! We have just hired four new developers to come join our team to work on some of the great projects we're delivering for...

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