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Dealers done right.

Evolving the dealership experience with BMW since 2004.

Dealers done right.

Evolving the dealership experience with BMW since 2004.

Beginning at the birth of our company over a decade and a half ago, BMW’s relationship with Reality Interactive has lead to an incredible experience evolution within BMW dealerships. The team has also worked to create engaging pop-up experiences that bring the wow-factor.

Through the years.


Portable Kiosk Surfboard

First mobile enhance lead capture kiosk.


Interactive Learning Experience

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) was the first interactive learning tool providing customers with a digital experience.


Digital Frames

Digital content playing in a frame, advertising various dealer promotions.


Custom Core Videos

Allowed customers to watch the factory assemble their BMW X3 from start to finish.


Motorcycle Brand Marketing

Digital marketing screens for the BMW motorcycle brand, Motorrad.


Training Kiosk

Employee training kiosk using gamification to create an engaging experience.


BMW Future Retail

Displayed point of sale (POS) digital screens including BMW marketing content in dealerships in U.S. and Canada.


Client Advisor Tool

Created tablet applications to enhance the sales process for associates relating to the BMW M series.


Interactive Customizer

The Virtual Product Presenter (VPP) allowed customers to customize their own BMW model from an iPad to then mirror onto a digital screen.


CMW Integration

Integration of Reality's bitSHUTTLE™ CMS to streamline content nationwide and also allow for local changes.


Pop-Up Retail Store

Created a digital experience for the BMW i8 pop-up store located in Costa Mesa, California.


Marketing for M Series

Provided digital signage screens delivering marketing content for the BMW M Series.

As a trusted partner of BMW for eCommerce, it’s only fitting that the Reality team would also take their retail expertise to BMW dealerships nationwide. Reality’s top priority is to ensure a premium, digitally forward, customer experience inside of BMW dealerships and pop-up experiences. Over more than a decade and a half, Reality has helped streamline and modernize experiences for the customer, the salesperson, and the dealer. BMW dealerships also take advantage of Reality Interactive’s bitSHUTTLE® CMS. This allows the BMW North America marketing team to manage and create content across nationwide dealerships, while also allowing dealers themselves to manage and create content specific to their particular dealership.

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