AXSIS™ Thermal Scanner Enabled Digital Hub

Now with vaccine passport scanning with a SMART Health Card Reader and temperature scanning, we've got your business protected against changing regulations.


NOW With Smart Health Card Integration

The addition of a Smart Health Card Reader is designed to help companies meet ever-changing regulations around vaccine mandates and routine testing. The AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub will also handle any requirements for data both efficiently and accurately.
  • Temperature is taken within seconds.
  • Temperature accuracy within 0.5°.
  • Infrared technology is used for contactless interaction.
  • Able to detect mask.
  • Supports custom integrations with door locks, registration systems, QR code processing, mask detection, notifications, and more.
  • WiFi and LAN support.

Our AXSIS™ unit’s powerful, scalable, custom integrations, and content management are enabled by bitSHUTTLE®.

Our bitSHUTTLE® content management platform can support custom integrations such as:

  • Door locks.
  • Registration.
  • Controlling the building ecosystem.
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • SMART health card integration.
  • And other 3rd party system software.

AXSIS™ Specs

Aluminum Material​

Scan Distance:
7.8" to 23.6" Away​


AXSIS™ Digital Hub Mounting Options.

In addition to the standard base provided with your AXSIS™ device, other mounting options are available. We can also help build the perfect custom kiosk for your business.

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Our Retail-Rugged® certification with a comprehensive 106 item checklist means you will never suffer from black screens or locked doors when you need them the most.

AXSIS™ Space Management has allowed for us to speed up the process for checking in employees and students. Prior to us having the device, we used a hand-held thermometer that forced us to move from behind the plexi shield and come in closer contact with the employees and students. The scanner is not only more efficient, but it is also safer for us to use.

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