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The 2014 Android Developer Conference Boston

android developer conference

The 2014 Android Developer Conference Boston

Recently we sent Jason P. to the Android Developer Conference (affectionately known as AnDevCon) in Boston.

He came back with a ton of new information, which he presented to our Development team. AnDevCon Boston is the world’s biggest Android Developer training conference. Featuring more than 75 classes over four days. Jason attended a number of classes including:

Battling the Media Framework

This class taught:

  • How to create media apps that users would enjoy.
  • About cameras, microphones and recording and playing video.
  • It also dug deep into APIs for image and audio processing.

An Introduction to Building Enterprise-Secure Android Apps

This class discussed:

  • The connection between Android applications and Web Services.
  • Best practices for component life-cycle management.
  • Pervasive use of Cursors.

Customizing Android for Fun and Profit, Parts I and II

The first part of this class discussed how to build the Android source code from the Android Open Source Project (ASOP). The second part covered creating a custom build of an Android system image.

Android Emulator Myths…Busted

This class discussed the reality behind Android Emulator myths, which ones have been busted and which ones are true. It also taught how to take advantage of what the Emulator has to offer and tips and tricks such as:

  • Simulating incoming calls.
  • Reproducing a low battery situation.
  • Pulling files from the parts of the system that can normally only be accessed with a rooted device.

Inside Android’s User interface

This class examined the internals of Android’s user-facing components, including:

  • The Window Manager.
  • Surface Flinger.
  • Input Method Manager.

Working with Video on Android

The Android platform’s video playback and creation capabilities have been improved with the release of version 4.3. This is good timing as creation and sharing apps like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat become more popular. This class covered both the capabilities and limitations in working with Android for video.

Advanced Security Concepts

This advanced class focused on security measures for app development and reverse engineering purely-protected apps. It also discussed which common security guidelines work and those that do not work against untrusted, rooted devices.

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