“Consumers seek frictionless experiences in a world of disruptions”.

“Consumers seek frictionless experiences in a world of disruptions”

“Consumers seek frictionless experiences in a world of disruptions”

PwC recently published the findings of their latest Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, which was conducted in December 2022 among 9,180 consumers across 25 territories. 

The overarching message? While consumers are still concerned about inflation, they’re keen to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle, and they have rising expectations on how and where they should be able to shop. 

Below we summarize some key findings from the survey: 

How behavior will change over the next 6 month: 

  • 96% of consumers intend to adopt some type of cost saving behavior over the next 6 months: 
  • 43% of consumers said they plan to increase online shopping over the next 6 months. 

However, consumers aren’t simply switching from online to in-store – but are selecting the channel based on preferred attributes of each. This further demonstrates the need to both meet the consumer where they are, and to create as seamless an experience as possible. 

What would enhance their in-store shopping experience? 

  • 50%: Knowledgeable and helpful sales associates
  • 42%: The ability to use self-service checkout kiosks
  • 41%: The ability to use retailer website/app in the store to browse for the product you want to find in-store
  • 38%: Offer click-and-collect services
  • 34%: Ability to use scan-and-go technology to monitor spending and check out

What can retailers do to drive traffic instore? 

  • 27% of respondents said they’d be attracted by in-store entertainment 
  • 24%: The ability to try immersive digital experiences
  • 21%: Ability to book retail appointments with a sales adviser or personal shopper

What are some of the frictions experienced by consumers? 

  • 40% of consumers who intend to increase in-store shopping and decrease online shopping said it’s because delivery costs are too high
  • 30% experience large queues and/or busier store locations frequently or almost always in-store
  • 24% cited a problem of reduced product ranges available frequently or almost always, with 26% unable to purchase a product due to it being out of stock

From self-service kiosks and click-and-collect services, to using AR to enhance the digital experience in-store and much more, we’re always working to create a frictionless experience for our clients. We help brands at every stage of the digital transformation process. Talk to us today about how we can design the right experience for your customers.  Call our team at 860-346-2700

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