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3 Brands Using Interactive Digital Catalogs



As consumers become more technology-savvy and environmentally-conscious brands are offering digital editions of their catalogs as an alternative to the traditional paper versions.

I personally prefer to thumb through a catalog when it comes in the mail casually as I watch TV. So in order to catch my attention with a digital catalog, a brand needs to add a little something extra. The following brands have found creative ways to enhance their digital catalogs, beyond just a clickable edition of the printed version, and into an interactive digital experience.

Ikea’s Augmented Catalog

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out if a piece of furniture will work in the room you intend to put it in. Some people can visualize it, some people (myself included) can’t. Ikea has addressed this issue with their new Ikea catalog app.

It’s important to note this does not take place of the traditional paper catalog, but instead works with it. The user places the Ikea catalog as a placeholder in their room where they would put the piece. For example if you’re wondering a chair they are selling would look good in the corner of your living room, you’d place the catalog right in the corner. They then select which item they want to see on the app. The room is displayed on the device screen through the camera. with the selected item superimposed in. 

Gap’s Embraces Bloggers and Social Media


Gap wanted to re-invent the catalog as a way to reach Millenials, who were not interested in their brand. Embracing the way shopping has evolved to a more online and social media driven experience, Gap launched the campaign.

Instead of using catalog models and professional stylists, Gap selected some of the most influential fashion bloggers, to create their own looks using Gap clothing. An important part of this campaign, is that Gap recognizes that real people don’t wear one brand head to toe. So the bloggers mix pieces from other brands in as well.

The bloggers post their outfit to their own blog, and to, where every image is sharable across social media networks and available for instant purchase. The “#styldby You” leg of the campaign allows real people to upload their Gap outfits as well, simply by sharing them in Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr using the hashtag #styldby. These posts are also featured on the website. Users on the website can filter by color of the clothing, gender, season and trend. These posts have also had success on additional social media sites, Facebook and Pinterest.

Macy’s Look Book is an In-Store Digital Catalog

Macy’s is currently testing the Look Book in Cincinatti, Atlanta and Northern New Jersey. This in-store touch screen allows customers to flip through looks like any other catalog. Customers can also look for items in different colors, or click for more detailed product information.

However, what really makes it a great addition to customer service is it’s ability to create outfits from different pieces and add accessories or shoes. This virtually adds endless combinations of outfits on display, which is simply something traditional manequins are unable to do.

Macy’s is also testing kiosks which show customer reviews on Facebook for products, and allow them to order out-of-stock-items from different locations.

Wondering how your brand can incorporate digital in creative ways? Check out our services page. 

Photo credits:, Gap

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