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3 Retailers Combine Digital Signage and Selfies

3 Retailers Combine Digital Signage and Selfies

Selfies (self taken pictures, posted on social media) are such a big trend that there is even a show named after them

A number of retail campaigns have taken advantage of the selfie craze by rewarding the social-media savvy customers who take selfies while in their store or wearing their product.

Digital Signage and Selfies

Digial signage may not be the first place you think of to put selfies. Selfies are generally taken for a smaller screen. From a smartphone or a tablet, and then viewed on another mobile device or a computer screen. But we’re excited to see retailers increasing customer engagement by using selfies from their fans in their digital signage.

Beauty Studio by Superdrug’s Interactive Area

Superdrug Beauty Studio‘s concept store in Cardiff, Wales uses digital signage throughout the store to display information about products and events. This includes interactive mirrors which let customers experiment with different hair colors virtually, and multi-screen video walls.

The screens are also an important part of the interactive area, where customers walk the in-store catwalk and take selfies after a visit to the salon. Customers can then use the store’s provided iPads to send the picture to their Facebook page or Twitter account. The official hashtag for the campaign is #TreatYourSelfie.

Why it Works

After a beauty treatment a selfie is likely to happen anyway. By encouraging this, and providing the hashtag, Superdrug gets their customers to model for them for free, while giving the store credit. They are also encouraging new customers as the social media followers of their participating customers see the selfies,displaying the results of their products and services.

French Connection Puts Selfies on Store Windows

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French Connection invited their customers to book an appointment online to be part of their #CANTHELPMYSELFIE campaign. Those who did went to one of five participating French Connection stores, selected their favorite apparel in the store, were treated to a mini-makeover, and then went into the interactive selfie booth. The selfies then posted to the digital window store front. 

This campaign invited engagement from pedestrian traffic outside the store as well. Passerbys were able to vote for their favorite selfie using hand-sensors in the window. Winners for best selfie, and best in categories (including best couple and best group) were eligible to win a shopping spree.

Why it Works

This is a great campaign, because it gives new customers the opportunity to interact with the brand before they enter the store. They are first attracted by the digital store front. They then touch the interactive screen to vote for their favorite look. Upon entering the store they can find that look and make a purchase.

Sharffen Berger Uses Selfies on Outdoor Digital Signage

digital signage selfies sharffen berger reality interactive

Hershey’s owned chocolatier, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, used selfies across 50 outdoor digital signage boards in San Francisco. Anyone can participate, just by taking a selfie, sharing on instagram, and adding the hashtag #wonderfullycomplicated.

The selfies which were chosen by the company were then given headlines to match the person in the selfie’s personality with adjectives about chocolate, like “I am sweet, salty, and a little nutty”. The pictures than show up, in rotation, along with five branded advertisments, on the digital screen across San Francisco bus shelters.

Why it Works

The goal of this campaign was to target new customers on Instagram. Instagram is the fastest growing social network worldwide, and as of August, 2014 #food was the thirteenth most used hashtag. Giving the selfie-inclined an opportunity to star on outdoor advertisements was a great way to encourage new customers to interact with the brand. The digital ads also served as a way to drive new customers to the chocolatier’s retail locations.

How can your retail location use digital in creative ways? Check out our services page to find out.

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