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3 Ways To Increase Sales In Your Fast Casual Chain.



The world is now truly digital. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on to  keep up with trends such as digital menus, mobile ordering, social media, and more. There has always been a multitude of benefits to these new technologies such as increased customer engagement, time saving, and lower overall costs. However, in this new environment, going digital went from a ‘should have’ to a ‘must have to survive’ overnight.

There are multiple approaches you can take depending on the needs of your business. One proven solution is introducing digital signage.  Research shows this will increase sales and customer engagement. In fact, a survey showed 80% of customers have entered a store just because digital signage caught their eyes, and a recent study from Nielson found that digital signage can boost sales by up to 33%. By adding digital signage and a content management platform with the ability to localize your content to your business you can save both time and money. You will no longer need to re-design, print then replace existing menus when new pricing, items, ingredients, products, or special offers are added. Digital signage and content management allows for immediate changes to be made to all signage at once from one central location and even allows localization to reflect fresh ingredients that vary by store or region. 

Another approach is to introduce responsive menu templates. Responsive menu templates allow for real time updates to reflect changes in menu items or pricing. A growing fast casual chain Playa Bowls fast-casual chain, Playa Bowls currently uses a chalk menu to be able to easily change the menu based on current ingredients or new menu items, they would benefit from having responsive menus allowing them to be updated instantly and to all locations at once from their content management portal. 

And lastly, it’s important to meet your customers where they are. By pairing your menu with an ordering app, you can allow customers to order from their phone or in store menu. A content management system with app integration allows you to update all menus instantly whether it be in-store, online or in the app, giving a consistent experience wherever your customers may find you.

These three methods can help increase sales, increase customer engagement and keep your fast casual chain growing now and into the future. 

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