4k digital signage at the kentucky derby

4K LED Digital Signage at the Kentucky Derby



The world’s biggest horse race featured the world’s biggest 4K LED display board this year.

Appropriately named, “The Big Board”, the screen was 170 feet wide and 90 feet tall. That makes it bigger than three basketball courts. It is also 30% larger than the over sized screen at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium.

The Kentucky Derby invested in digital signage to solve a common complaint of their attendees; that they go to the Derby and are unable to see the horses. The size and placement of the screen made it so people could see the race from the nearby office buildings.

In addition to showing the race itself, the board featured betting trends, interviews with jockeys, and tutorials for making mint Juleps. The screen was placed 170 feet from the ground so that it was not a distraction to the horses.

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