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The 5 Most Creative Kiosk Projects so Far in 2014

The 5 Most Creative Kiosk Projects so Far in 2014

2014 has been a busy year for digital merchandising. So far we have seen a lot of creative kiosk projects in the industry. Here are a few that have grabbed our attention with the right blend of creativity and technology.


The campaign used mascot, Surfy, in the digital signage to encourage shoppers to play a game of hopscotch. The game was setup using vinyl flowers on the floor in front of the sign. At different time intervals the flowers released a spray of the new Surf laundry fragrance- the product this campaign is promoting. The brand also wrapped the elevators in the malls with scented vinyl and played a short audio-file as shoppers entered. Retailers near the display also used scented wardrobe hanger tags.

The connection between the digital signage, playing hopscotch, and the scent may not be immediately clear. The new scent being promoted is meant to be playful, just like Surfy, the mascot. On the digital signage Surfy blows bubbles at customers which have words in them like “Put Some Play in Your Day!”

The Philippines Tourism Board

The Philippines Tourism Board created the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines Campaign” to give visitors a virtual tour of the Philippines. The goal was to drive tourism to the Philippines by engaging users in an interactive experience where they chose either scuba diving or rock climbing, and then shared their virtual experience on their real social media accounts.

Colgate Vending Machines

Colgate recently launched a campaign that dispenses a free sample of their toothpaste, every time a customer purchased candy from a vending machine. The sample comes with a message that says “don’t forget to brush”.

The connection between cavities and candy is obvious, but rigging the machines to provide a sample of a preventative product is what really makes this project clever.

Cadbury’s Facebook Powered Vending Machine

In a one day only promotion Cadbury placed “the Joy Generator” vending machine in Sydney, Australia. Visitors who had registered their Facebook profiles were able to use the touch screen to connect with their account. Their personal data was then used to match their preferences with a flavor of chocolate.

The concept was based on the idea that a user’s Facebook likes say a lot about them. After being matched the machine dispensed a full sized Cadbury Chocolate bar in their generated flavor.

Nike Gear Vending Machine

A New York City vending machine with Nike gear, like shirts, hats and socks is now available. The catch is it doesn’t take cash or credit. Instead merchandise can only be purchased using Fuelband points. This vending machine is not for the casual jogger. Points can not be saved up, they must be used within 24-hours.

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