5 Factors to Consider for a Successful Digital Transformation

5 Factors to Consider for a Successful Digital Transformation

Due to the pandemic many businesses have had to execute digital transformation strategies overnight to keep up with changing regulations, consumer adoption rates, and even to survive.


So, what makes a successful digital transformation? Here, we’ll explore 5 main areas to take into consideration.


1. People

People play an important part in the role of digital transformation – whether it’s a trusted partner you are working with to turn your needs into set requirements and help build performance metrics of success, or your employees who are being asked to adopt a different way of working, people can make or break the success of your endeavor. Take the time to bring your employees with you on your digital transformation journey, and to choose the right vendor to work with.

2. Strategy

Taking a strategic vs tactical approach to digital transformation is the key to ongoing success. A thoughtful approach, anchored in design thinking can greatly improve the path to success. Taking time to understand your customers and redefine the problem before creating an innovative solution works best. After this, the next step is to prototype and test the solution until it runs without any problems.

3. Implementation

The most innovative digital transformation strategy is only as strong as its implementation. You want to see your ROI as fast as possible need a partner who can roll out your solution fast and effectively. And lastly you want someone who does it well. At Reality we have a 106 step checklist called our Retail-Rugged® certification that ensures your solutions are up and ready for your customers from day 1 to 1000 and beyond.

4. Testing

Without data, insights and analytics, you cannot know how your digital experiences are performing. A digital transformation is not just a one off solution – it needs to be constantly built upon as technology evolves. Taking time to monitor and adjust your experience or journey based on customer experiences, competitors and technology adoption rates is key.

5. Support

It’s not enough to just create a great digital transformation; you need a reliable team to constantly monitor what your customers are seeing. With ongoing support you can rest easy knowing someone is dedicated to the success of your digital solution.


Reality Interactive is the only digital transformation technology company that is world-class every step of the way from day one and beyond. With over 17 years of helping Fortune 500 companies strategize, implement, and support their digital transformations, we know speed and reliability is of the utmost importance to achieving the highest possible ROI.


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