6 Workplace Productivity Essentials

6 Workplace Productivity Essentials

The seasons are changing and autumn is near with all the normal excitement (pumpkins patches & leaves changing color) and drawbacks (colds & uncomfortable temperature change). When the temperature changes outdoors it can be a challenge to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors.


temperature of your office is only one of many environmental factors that can have an impact employee productivity, here’s a list of the top 6:


Avoid fluorescent. Natural lighting or ambient light is best.


Negotiate sound levels and minimize unnecessary noise.


Warm colors energize, while cool colors improve focus.

Air Quality

Temperature, humidity, ventilation, and cleanliness all affect employee health.


Make sure work spaces are comfortable and ergonomic.


Utilize the best tools so employees can do their best work. You may be skeptical of these factors affect on employee productivity. But, studies show something as simple as poor air quality contributed 40% absenteeism. (Source: Impact of the Office Environment on Employee Productivity)

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