A look inside Nike’s House of Innovation

A look inside Nike’s House of Innovation

The name of Nike’s new flagship store in New York is accurate – called the ‘House of Innovation 000’ – the 68,000 square foot space includes about as much technology you can think of – all centering around building experiential retail for the brand.

Here we take a look at some of the innovative elements Nike has brought into this flagship store.


Customers are empowered to ‘take the shopping experience into their own hands’ – in the words of Cathy Sparks, global vice president and general manager of Nike Direct stores.  Using technology, the store has been able to offer various personal elements, such as a large customization area where consumers can make changes to shoes they like, and a Nike Expert Studio where Nike Experts work with consumers to find and customize their perfect products in one-to-one appointments.

An immersive experience

From the soundscape (a mix of tunes that are designed to reflect the “energy,” “clash” and “noise” of New York City), to the “Nike Arena,” – a ‘brand defining, seasonal storytelling’ space that is the first place consumers see as they enter the store, the space is designed to be an immersive experience. Fitting rooms become lounge like settings for styling, and there are many shareworthy selfie backdrops for shoppers to explore.


Customers are able to use a Pick Up Locker to quickly access items they’ve ordered remotely in the app and bypass any queues. They can use the Nike App to access features in-store, such as booking expert appoints or using the Nike Scan to Try feature which seamlessly allows customers the option of trying on merchandise they see instore. Consumers can also use the Nike Instant Checkout to purchase items throughout the store, again bypassing queues.

It is said the space will evolve over time, with new features being introduced to keep the experience fresh.

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