A New Way To Do Business In 2021

A New Way To Do Business In 2021

It’s been a rough year and a half.  With the Delta variant continuing to surge and high uncertainty around its impact, many businesses still have to navigate a new way to do business, and part of this is re-evaluating their return to office policies.

Whatever strategy a company chooses, it is now more important than ever to have a system that can keep their workplace safe. The ability to check employee temperatures, scan vaccine passports and monitor occupancy in the most frictionless way is crucial. 

At Reality, we quickly realized businesses needed much more, so we created AXSIS™ Space Management with expanded features such as QR codes, door lock integrations and facial recognition. More recently, we also released two-way video chat capabilities. 

With AXSIS™ two -way video chat, employees no longer need to be put at risk while taking temperatures or checking in visitors. Guests are able to request help using two way video chat and speak with a representative from the comfort of their home.

AXSIS™ is also helping retailers – as the two-way video chat feature meets the trend of soaring consumer digital adoption rates. 60% of American consumers say online experiences will become more important than in-person ones, and there is an expectation that in-person experiences must become more digital too. Most businesses need to take this into account when planning future initiatives. If you’re a retailer struggling to hire sales associates, your customers can request help in store, face-to-face from an expert using the AXSIS™ two-way communication tool.

We know we can help you manage the uncertainties of tomorrow, and start feeling more secure about your workspace today. Contact a member of our team to speak to us about how AXSIS™ can be customized to work in your current workspace.

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