Around the world in a few minutes: How Reality transformed the TWC Flagship store on 23th street to a foreign destination for customers.



CaptureTo support the Time Warner Cable launch of unlimited calling to the US and 34 other countries, the Reality team headed to one of our favorite locations (the 23rd street flagship store which we helped design) and set up a retail event experience where we were able to transport customers to over 8 foreign destinations in less than a minute.

All customers needed to do was pick the destination of their choice, pose, and then wait to see as their vacation snap was featured on the huge display in store (and on the smaller display on their phones!).

Some of the fun included the usual cliché moves –holding the leaning tower of Pisa up, pushing it down, pointing to the turrets on the Taj Mahal, marching through the Great Wall of China. And some were original – selfies in front of landmarks, kissing on the streets of Germany, group shots of people dancing at the Parthenon in Greece.

It was a lot of fun to watch people engage with the experience, and we’re looking forward to the next creative in-store promotion.

OBS 10/8/2015 , 12:03:55 PM OBS Projector Window




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