Reality speaks on applying Design Thinking principles to retail innovation

Reality speaks on applying Design Thinking principles to retail innovation

Reality Interactive’s Creative Director, Doug Hampton-Dowston was asked to speak at the leading event on innovations in retail banking – BAI. This event focused on creating meaningful customer experiences, fostering engaged employees and learning about innovative technology solutions to drive loyalty and growth in the banking and financial industry.

Doug was joined by Valerio Zanini, former director of Capital One, now Design Thinking and Agile coach to present a workshop around Design Thinking. Together, they took the audience through techniques and learnings gathered from years of experience of moving clients from Design Thinking to Design ‘Doing’, specifically in the banking sector, but bringing learnings from complimentary industries across.

Key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Don’t jump straight to the solution before fully understanding the problem. It could result in failure in the field.
  • Success it about rapid testing in the real world.
  • Explore low-fi prototypes to test and learn from your customer’s perspective.
  • Part of the process is to try many iterations and observe your solutions in the field. Some of your ideas will fail. Failure is part of the process.

We took away some great insights from the rest of the sessions also! Here are some gems we heard throughout the day:

  • Innovation demands a spirit of irreverence
  • What all innovators must do – ask why!
  • Think about harnessing the power of storytelling, crowdsourcing customer ideas and creating impactful customer experiences using digital.
  • In the New Media Age – it’s critical to be human!

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