moving a 90 inch display screen

Behind the Scenes: Moving a 90 Inch Display Screen

Behind the Scenes: Moving a 90 Inch Display Screen

While the App Station in TWC’s Flagship Store remains stationary, the LA edition was created for a limited time engagement. Storing the 90″, almost 800 pound display is one thing, actually getting it into storage is another.

In order to pull the move off our team had to be super strong, and super precise; like bodybuilding surgeons.

NCTA App Station TWC Reality Interactive

Moving an 800 Pound Delicate Display

The picture above makes it seem as if the height of our dock and the truck were just the right size, giving us the ability to move the App Station easily by sliding it out. The truth is we only make it look that easy. We put boards on top of multiple dollies to carefully inch the screen out of the truck and move it into our building.

We our proud to report that this move was successful, no injuries were reported and no damage was done.

The digital transformation of the Time Warner Cable Flagship Store in New York is a project we are particularly proud of.

The store’s showpiece is the Mobile Station, a 90″ display screen that looks and acts like a mobile phone. We recently created a special LA edition of the Mobile Station for the NCTA (National Cable & Telecommunications Association) annual conference.

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