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Choosing the Right Technology for the Client’s Solution

Choosing the Right Technology for the Client’s Solution

While on our quest to add software developers and graphic designers to our team, we’ve noticed candidates asking us one question more often than others: “How do you choose the platform for each new project?”

To give you a little background,
Reality Interactive offers
digital merchandising solutions across many platforms such as kiosks, digital signage,
e-commerce websites and mobile devices like iPad and Android tablets.

Our solutions service Fortune 500 companies like BMW, Bose, LEGO, Leapfrog, Verizon, Sprint and BEHR. This combination of service offerings and clients demands that our team possess a vast array of knowledge on a variety of platforms.

There are four main factors that influence our decision when choosing the right technology for a solution:


Only one particular technology can meet the requirements of the project.

Existing Technology Footprint

The client mandates that we need to build upon or within their preexisting frameworks.

Foundational Software

We can reuse an existing solution thereby decreasing the time to market.

Resource Leveling

In view of our organizational needs and capacity, if a project has no initial constraints, we’ll select the technology that will allow us to operate most efficiently and continually provide the most value.

We recognize that each platform has its respective strengths (and weaknesses). Strategically, we have built our organization on the philosophy that you must be agile and constantly aware of changes in technology.

Other technologies emerge that may offer the solution needed to easily satisfy a requirement one particular platform, if you’re a solely Microsoft, Java, or PHP outfit you will inevitably be at a disadvantage. Keeping up with technology trends results in being both flexible and knowledgeable.

We apply this same methodology of agility and awareness when choosing players to add to our talented team. With this approach, we hire for the player, not the position. We look to hire developers and designers with the ability to adapt to and eagerly embrace changes in technology.

To provide our customers with high quality, uniquely tailored, solutions we must continually strive to find the most creative ways to maximize innovation with technology and within our team.

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