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How we Created a Digital Fish Tank

How we Created a Digital Fish Tank

Careful thought and consideration was put into each of the digital aspects we installed in the Time Warner Cable Flagship Store on 23rd Street in New York.

However, that doesn’t mean we had a set-it and forget-it attitude about our deployments. When the store opened in February, 2014, one of the features that made the IntelligentHome display feel more like home was our custom made digital fire place. This was the perfect addition to give the area, which is designed to feel like a living room in a home, an even cozier feel.


Why a Digital Fish Tank?

Heading into the warmer weather, the store needed something, which would be just as inviting as the fireplace, but more seasonally appropriate. The goal in the IntelligentHome area is to make it feel like a real life living room. So we had to consider, what- other than a fireplace- is something that you would have in your living room that we could replicate on a screen. Enter; the digital fish tank.


The digital fish tank is 100% custom designed, and not made up of any stock footage. We even etched a Time Warner Logo into one of the rocks. But that doesn’t mean that the fish don’t look real. While visiting the store we observed kids trying to play with the fish.

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