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Digital Art Everywhere

Digital Art Everywhere

Fine art and digital signage may not be the likeliest of pairs, but this year’s “Art Everywhere” is changing that.

Digital Out of Home Art

Art Everywhere is an event which replaces outdoor advertisements with art every July in Britain. This August, five museums in the US are participating in the project. The 58 pieces of art displayed were picked based on their representation of the history of art in America.

The result is buses, billboards, park benches and city buses will feature paintings instead of paid ads through the end of August. As many as 50,000 digital and static displays help to make this the largest outdoor art show in the country.

Digital Art in Your Home

Digital Art isn’t just making a splash outdoors. Electric Objects is a New York startup that that sells high-definition screens that hang on your wall, displaying art from the internet. The frames have no keyboard or mouse, just a single cord. They are easily wall-mounted, and have minimal brightness, so they fade into the background the same way traditional art on your wall would.

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The best part is the long-term costs are not as high as you might think. The amount of energy needed to run your digital artwork is comparable to that of a light bulb. Creative types can even display their own artwork using this platform. Imagine having a digital window showing a nice summer day when it’s raining, or a fish tank you never have to clean like the digital one we created.

To learn more about custom digital projects please visit our portfolio page. 

Photo Credits:, Electric Objects

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