digital billboards keep march madness stats up to date

Digital Billboards Display Real-Time March Madness Stats

Digital Billboards Display Real-Time March Madness Stats

A traditional billboard can promote March Madness, but it’s not dynamic enough to keep up with the game in real time.

The #BillboardBrackets campaign solves this challenge with digital billboards that display up-to-date scores. The campaign is local to each market with a team in the finals, but only as long as they stay in the game. When a team is eliminated their digital billboards are eliminated too.

Tweeting to Digital Billboards

As the hashtag in the campaign name would imply, there is also a social media aspect. By tweeting #BillboardBrackets tweets are displayed in real time along with the scores. Lamar, the company behind the campaign has also installed a webcam at each of the billboards. The webcam footage will allow fans to see their tweets on the billboard screen. The videos from this are available on Lamar’s Facebook page.

This campaign rolled out fairly quickly. The original trial was held just in Dayton, Ohio for the first round of games. It then rolled out to the rest of the markets for the remainder of March Madness.

This campaign will run through April 6th, when the final game is played.

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