digital signage helps blw display a window into the future

Digital Signage Helps BMW to Display a Window into the Future [Video]



Another video that demonstrates how digital signage can be used to make creative ideas come to life, in a way that will capture and captivate an audience.

In a location as active as New York City, it can be a challenge to make an audience stop and take notice. This project works, because it is innovative and unexpected.

BMW uses digital signage to transform traffic, real time, into their concept cars. Effectively, showing a New York City audience, their vision of a future that includes a 6th avenue full of their BMW i cars. Pedestrians stop and look back and forth between the signage and the traffic it is transforming.

In addition to being a really cool project to see, it also works as an effective ad. In addition to transforming real cars into BMW electric i3 and BMW plug-in-hybrid i8 cars, the window displays how much money would be saved, and how many tons CO2 could be reduced annually, if their vision were a reality.

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