digital signage helps to launch a new product line

Digital Signage Helps to Launch a New Product Line

Digital Signage Helps to Launch a New Product Line

To promote the new “Cook’s Range” products Lurpak ran a three day digital out-of-home campaign in London’s Waterloo Station.

Lurpak is a UK company best known for their butter. The “Cook’s Range” product line includes four new companion products designed to assist Lurpak customers on their kitchen adventures. To promote this new line Lurpak created a live test kitchen and featured three of their food ambassadors live streaming on a high definition screen.

At 40 by 3 meters (or about 131 feet by 10 feet), the screen in Waterloo Station is the largest indoor digital signage screen in the UK.

More Than Just a Big Screen

Since the kitchen used to stream the content was on site, the commuters were able to engage with the brand by sampling the product and receiving coupons.

The digital signage aspect of this campaign ran for three days, but Lurpak is continuing to promote the Cook’s Range promotion on Twitter and Instagram by running competitions around the tweet #FOODADVENTURES.

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