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Don’t Miss this Webinar!


On April 2, 2014 the Digital Screenmedia Association hosted the webinar: “Winning the Last 200 Feet with Wireless for Digital Signage and Kiosks”.

The webinar was presented by Reality Interactive and featured our own Craig Martin along side Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global as the speakers.

How Many Digital Projects Have Failed Due to Connectivity Issues?

The focus of the webinar was on the “last 200 feet” of wireless connectivity; what needs to happen to ensure a secure and stable connection for the 3-5 year lifetime of the project. The speakers discussed the limited choices for connections, and the pros and cons of each of these choices.

Watch the webinar online now, so that you are able to make informed decisions before deploying your next project.

To learn more about Reality Interactive, please visit our services page.

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