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What You Should Ask Before You Begin



Who’s on your team? It’s essential to assemble a seasoned, qualified, team to make your implementation a success. You’ll need a group that has all the necessary skills and works collaboratively to make your kiosk solution effective.

Do you have all the team members in place to make your kiosk deployment as successful as it could be? Managing, implementing, and deploying a kiosk solution is more complex than it seems at first glance.

Typically, one individual vendor does not provide the complete gamut of services necessary to complete your project.  Success requires multiple, dedicated teams, covering these five major areas:

  • Hardware
  • Front-end Software Development / User Interface
  • Back-end Software Development / Remote Management
  • Enclosure Design and Fabrication
  • Field Services

The first step in the right direction involves selecting the vendor to lead the project. Choose wisely, the vendor you select needs to have good connections in the business. Often, you’ll pick one point person who offers a stable, existing network of providers who have a history of working well together.

Make sure you have all of your questions answered regarding who they work with, why they partner with them, and how they pick their team. Your lead vendor should always be transparent and willing to address your questions. Then, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and who it’s coming from.

If you choose a lead vendor well, you’ll be able to control costs. You’ll also have a reliable contact to get all the details about what’s happening with your project.

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