what you should know about the deployment process

What You Should Know about the Deployment Process – Part 3

What You Should Know about the Deployment Process – Part 3

In this series, we have talked through many invaluable tips about the key aspects of a successful kiosk deployment process.

Apply Learnings

Throughout the deployment process, you’ll learn things that can make your project better. First, you prototype your kiosk solution, next you pilot it, and finally you roll-out multiple units. At each stage in the process, you will get greater insight into how things can run more smoothly and what can be improved.  Be sure to apply your learning to each subsequent stage of deployment.

Consider the Cost of Change Over Time

If you need to make a change with the unit, it’s better to make the change in an earlier stage of development. Any changes made after deployment or mid-stream in the production process will dramatically increase costs.

Plan Ahead & Reduce Worries

Create a thorough plan for connectivity, power, shipping/receiving, field services support, help desk and other logistics. Managing deployment of units with sophisticated electronic technology isn’t the same as managing a display/fixture campaign roll-out. There is a tendency in the field to rush the shipping of units. But, the overall goal is to have something in the field, installed and producing results.

Quality results are born from thoughtful and thorough planning. The more work you do up-front, the more sleep you’ll get, and the less cost you’ll incur. Think of kiosks like appliances; every unit in the field should be identical. Don’t operate kiosks like desktop environments in the field. Test everything! Leave nothing to chance.

Final Thoughts

Controlling costs and increasing unit “up time” are achieved by combining insight and experience with detailed process-oriented program management. Today’s low cost hardware, proven software, and remote management technologies create a viable opportunity for almost every brand in every retail environment to leverage the benefits of Digital Merchandising.

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