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Aspects of Quality Software

Aspects of Quality Software

The quality of your software will determine your level of success with any kiosk solution or digital merchandising program.

Software performance has three essential elements: user experience design, remote management, and on-site support.

User Experience

User Experience is the most important of all the kiosk elements. When designing the user experience, you’ll need to keep in mind, how and why you are interacting with your prospective customers. Today’s consumers are knowledgeable and savvy, if the value proposition of using the system isn’t great enough for them, they’ll simply walk away.

Ask yourself, what happens when they walk up to the screen? What are you offering them that other sources aren’t? Do you save them time, save them money, or make their life better? In order to be successful, your project must do at least one of these three things.

Kiosk solutions have the unique ability to provide the consumer with the product information that they need right at the point of purchase. Unlike the web, a kiosk solution can be narrowcasted for a specific audience, at a specific time, at a specific location. The software you employ must directly communicate the value you bring that wins out over other outlets where consumers gain product information.

Remote Management

There’s no sense in creating a great user experience, only to have it perform poorly in the field. Remote management is a close second to user experience in its importance to a digital merchandising initiative or kiosk solution implementation.

A remote management program is crucial in order to know whether your units in the field are running and how your system is being maintained. It will tell you how the system is being used, by whom, and whether or not it’s being updated and kept current.

Find an Experienced Provider

Any experienced software provider will also know how to address and manage issues that arise. Some common needs are unit malfunction, troubleshooting, and decision-making about field service calls. You’ll want a provider who is competent in support procedures and can demonstrate how they’ve provided these services to other clients.

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