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Experiential Retail Walking Tour with SEGD



At a sell-out tour this year with SEGD for Xlab and New York Digital Signage Week, we took our group to various locations in Manhattan which have successfully integrated digital installations into their retail environments. We explored the design thinking behind the installations, as well as the operational and mechanical procedures to make sure that these environments meet our standard to survive in the retail environment: Retail Rugged.

We used some of the frameworks identified in the webinar we ran in September this year to explore the thinking behind these successful installations, and what techniques and tools could be used for other digital retail installations.


Check out some of the highlights in the pictures below!

Rebecca Minkoff
At the Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho, learning about the interactive mirrors
Under Armour
Viewing the large scale digital screen at the entrance of the Under Armour store in Soho. An example of digital performing the role of ‘Ambience’.
Reality’s Doug Hampton-Dowson and Bob Radcliffe hosting the tour
Rebecca Minkoff
More digital interactive experiences at Rebecca Minkoff
Under Armour
At Under Armour in Soho
At the Sonos store in Soho.
Enjoying the experience at the Sonos store in Soho