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Going back to the office? Here are 5 ways to keep your workplace safe and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.



The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally transformed how and where we work. Social distancing measures and changing regulations mean an all-new approach to in-person workplace safety, especially as we face a new COVID strain and the vaccination roll-out. As offices transition back to in-person work, there are many considerations required to maintain a safe working environment.  

Here are some tips for maintaining a safe and productive workplace during the pandemic:

Reduce workplace occupancy by adopting flexible work hours or a shift schedule.  By limiting the number of people in the workplace daily, you can reduce both the potential for and the impact of transmission.  

Institute social distancing by rearranging workspaces and limiting large gatherings.  Social distancing is key to reducing transmission.  Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between desks or other workspaces, erect barriers to reduce viral spread through the air, and never gather in close proximity, including in elevators or meeting rooms. Maintain social connectivity by thinking of creative ways to keep your team connected virtually instead; for example, using virtual reality technology for your next office party.

Screen employees and visitors with thermal scanning digital hub technology such as the AXSIS™ Thermal Scanner.  Anyone entering the workplace can be checked for the common COVID-19 symptom of a high temperature, or identified as at risk via a survey.   The AXSIS™ Thermal Scanner monitors temperatures with a contactless temperature check in seconds that streamlines the symptom monitoring process and provides you with reporting and analytics. The full functionality of the AXSIS™ Thermal Scanner enables you to adapt to changing state and federal regulations and own your entrance. It also helps you with contact tracing, keeping your workforce productive and safe. 

Maintain clean surfaces and air quality with a thorough disinfecting and filtration system.  Clean surfaces regularly, and encourage employees to maintain a clean workspace by providing plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.  Reduce viral particles in the air with a quality ventilation and filtration system, and require all workers to wear masks while in the building. Where possible, provide contactless options for functions such as employee or visitor check in. Contactless check-ins and a virtual reception can be managed through the AXSIS™ Thermal Scanner

Stay up to date on CDC guidelines and the latest information about the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has a wealth of information for employers on responding to the coronavirus, screening employees and keeping your workplace safe. As scientists and doctors learn more about the disease, best practices are being developed in real-time.  Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic requires all of us to stay vigilant and informed.


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