Launching Great George – A New York City Watch Company



We recently announced the launch of the Great George Watches website, a collaboration between The Barbarian Agency and the Reality Interactive creative team.

The concept for Great George Watches centers around producing quality watches with unique square faces for a simple and basic take on the traditional timepiece. The company launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of the unique products. The project entailed working a number of creative directors, and a very detailed design approach. We loved working with the Barbarian Agency and found it fascinating to be a part of a new product journey from concept to launch.

We talked to Sean Murray and Steve Traynor about the project and what it was like to work with our design team.

Why did you choose to work with Reality Interactive?

Sean: We chose Reality Interactive because they’re pioneering digital retail experiences. I used to abhor going to Time Warner Cable’s store—more than the DMV—but the experience Reality created at their flagship made it a pleasure to return my cable box.

They also think in non-traditional media for traditional clients or products. We came to them requesting a website—we left with a watch ecomm site that breaks the rules and sets a new standard. An idea so simple as having watches on the product page actually telling the current time seems so simple that you’d wonder why it hasn’t been done already—but it hasn’t—and it’s those details that Doug and his team really bring to the table.

What was were the positives of working with the Reality Team?

Steve: Reality Interactive cares. The team really empathizes with the brand.

They want it to succeed just as much as we do and shows in every step of the process, from concept to execution.

What did the Reality Team bring to the project?

Sean: With clients such as BMW and Mini, Reality understands ecomm far more than we do. Their knowledge and expertise in this field is highly valuable to us as a start up. They took the time to analyze our product line and give us a well thought out user experience.

What did you think of the final piece?

Steve: They created a beautiful and functional (our design principles) platform to sell our product and bring awareness to our brand. We’re excited for the future as Reality Interactive continues to steward our brand in the digital marketplace.


Behind the scenes at Great George Watches
Behind the scenes at Great George Watches

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