Here’s what we learned at the ICX Summit this year



Last week we spent a few information packed days at the ICX summit in Dallas. We were very proud to also pick up the ICX Elevate award for the Best eCommerce experience.

The talks and discussion at the summit centered around exploring retail innovation as a way to enhance the customer experience. Some of the technologies that were discussed and explored included:

–          Customer Facing Robots: How these are bringing the benefits of online shopping to instore shopping.

–          Internet of Things (IoT): How these new technologies are changing the way people make decisions.

–          Data Analytics and Personalization: How analytics are allowing retailers to better understand their customers behavior instore to be able to offer a more personalized experience

–          Store Design with Digital in Mind: Getting a deeper understanding of how customers engage around technology in-store so as to design the optimal experience.

–          VR & AR: How these new technologies will impact the retail experience. The discussion also brought up the issues around VR and AR – are these technologies scalable and therefore feasible?

–          Millennial shopping behavior: This new segment shops differently. The speakers explored how and why they make decisions.

Overall, we heard strongly that a holistic approach is needed to better optimize the retail shopping experience. This means bringing together all the people, processes, infrastructure (including systems and connectivity), as all these components play a critical role in technology innovation that produces an enhanced experience for customers.

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