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How Augmented Reality Can Help You Sell More Products

How Augmented Reality Can Help You Sell More Products

Augmented Reality has quickly become one of the hottest topics of this year. Retailers everywhere have been jumping on the augmented reality train thanks to the rise in online shopping adoption rates, accelerated by the pandemic. Check out the statistics below to learn how AR is helping retailers like you sell more products now than it has ever before.  


Augmented Reality is known for increasing user engagement. Allowing a user to drop your product in their own environment gives a user an average of 2-8 minutes more with your brand. AR is also 3 times more memorable so even if the user does not purchase from that session, they have built a connection and are more likely to purchase at a later stage. 


Augmented Reality gives your customer more information than traditional ecommerce images. Allowing the customer to place the product in their own home makes it easier for them to envision having this product as part of their life. Making it easier for your brand to gain more sales. In addition to this 40% of customers are willing to pay more for your product if they can try it first with AR. All because this gives the customer more confidence in your product before they make a purchase. 


Retailers have experienced 35% less returns on products being showcased with AR. Because of the try before you buy experience, a customer can confidently see if the product is going to work in their space and is the correct dimensions for them before they purchase. Resulting in happier customers and less returns for your brand. 


AR is not just for ecommerce experiences, so change that mindset! In fact AR can be very useful in brick and mortar settings too. It is solving current staffing and inventory products by allowing users to pull up their phone and see any product in store, helping where there are product availability issues and when staff are unable to assist with product questions.  


If you would like more information on how AR can increase sales for your brand you can speak to a member of our team or try one of our AR apps for yourself!  

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