Insights from the ICX Summit

Insights from the ICX Summit

We recently attended the ICX Summit in Dallas where we had the chance to focus on interactive experiences in retail for the length of the conference. It was inspiring to hear all the stories of how brands are focused on engaging with their customers, and the different ways they connecting with people.

Some of the common themes we heard were:

1. The customer must remain at the center of everything you do.

2. Unified commerce is still a challenge. Disparate legacy systems and silos between functional work groups; teams makes enterprise execution across all shopper touchpoints difficult.

3. You must work towards creating synergy between online and offline worlds.

In today’s retail environment where everyone is wondering how to compete with Amazon, speakers offered insights into when to partner, and how to identify your competitive advantage. They suggested not to out-Amazon Amazon. 

A great event all around!


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