DreamPlace North Pole Adventure

Interactive Holiday Displays Across Select Malls

Interactive Holiday Displays Across Select Malls

As technology evolves, so does the way we live our lives. One tradition that has stayed the same over the years is the annual visit to the mall to see Santa; that is until now.

Decade after decade, every holiday season, parents wait in line with their children, so they can sit on Santa’s lap, tell them what they want this year, and have a quick photo taken. This year, a number of malls are embracing technology in order to enhance this process.

DreamWorks Creates an Interactive North Pole

The DreamPlace North Pole Adventure, was designed by DreamWorks to bring sitting on Santa’s lap to the next level. The entire experience from there has been digitized, and given a Shrek theme.

Instead of the old-fashioned, standing in line approach, visitors can book an appointment via a downloaded app or by going to a website. There they can also create wish lists and profiles which can be shared on social media. They then receive digital passports for a sleigh ride.

The sleigh ride (with an animated Shrek) shakes and features mist and blowing wind to make the rider feel like they are flying. After the sleigh ride, visitors go to the workshop where they are given cookies. The workshop is where kids get to meet Santa. Instead of posing for the traditional picture on Santa’s lap, hidden cameras capture reaction shots which can later be purchased when visitors exit to the DreamWorks gift shop.

The DreamPlace North Pole Adventure will be featured in eight malls in the US this winter.

Santa HQ reality Interactive

HGTV Presents Santa HQ

The Santa HQ features a lot of fun interactive experiences. First visitors can reserve a time for their family to visit Santa HQ on their website. They can also save time and receive a discount if they also pre-pay for their photos on the website.

Interactive experiences at Santa HQ include guests being scanned in the “Naughty O’Nice Meter” where kids scan their pass, type in their name and the meter tells them if they’ve been naughty or nice this year.  ELFIE Selfies put the visitors face on a cartoon dancing elf to become a personalized holiday video. The Elf-Ray Vision is an augmented reality experience which lets users explore Santa’s observatory and present vault by pointing an iPad at Santa’s door.

Every experience in Santa HQ has an associated app, and can be shared via social media. Santa HQ is available in 10 locations across the US.

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