joining worlds through 3d touchscreen technology

Joining Worlds Through 3D Touchscreen Technology



Coca-Cola is no stranger to attention grabbing, memorable marketing campaigns.

From “If I could buy the world a Coke” to the “Rainbow Nation“, Coke has maintained a consistent theme; bringing people together. The Small World Machines campaign is no exception.

Using Digital to Help People Connect

The campaign put one Coke machine in Pakistan and the other in India. The machines dispense Coke, but also prompt customers to take action with a person using the other machine. The customers can see each other while they engage in activities like waving at the other person.

While the digital aspects of this project are cool, it’s the way the digital is used to create interpersonal experiences that make this campaign special. Acting together, strangers touch the screen to make a peace sign, clink glasses, or even dance. Memorable experiences which require no verbal communication, and defy language barriers.

The 3D touchscreen on each Coke machine, allows for one user to see the user on the other Coke machine over 300 miles away and interact with them. The machines do not require the interactions to dispense the Coke, so the users who interacted with the machines did so completely by choice.

The technology used in this campaign was complex, but it is not what will leave an impression on the participants- and that’s okay. This is an example of how technology, when done right, fades into the background, leaving users with just their experience. A feat that is especially impressive in this campaign considering that in both countries even standard Coke machines are non-existent.

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK

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