Limitless Retail With AR

Limitless Retail With AR

There are two uses for Augmented Reality: first is the gamified use of AR made popular by apps like Snapchat or Pokémon Go. This form of AR is great for getting people’s attention and adding a layer of fun and engagement to your digital experiences. Or, the second is the practical use of AR that integrates with other digital experiences like product customizers and eCommerce platforms or QR code handoffs in retail for a complete path to purchase. This allows your customers to see your products up close, view how the product will look in their home, share on social media and make the purchase on their terms wherever they feel the most comfortable. Here at Reality we build both depending on the needs of your company.

In the past AR was rarely used by retailers, mainly for luxury products or high ticket items. Now retailers everywhere are quickly adapting to this new technology as more customers are moving on line and avoiding traditional brick and mortar retail. Retailers such as Ulta, Target, Home Depot and more are using AR to show customers what their products will look like on their skin or in their home. With AR you can meet your customers anywhere they feel comfortable shopping as you take a retail everywhere approach.

With more people choosing to shop online than ever before – 60% of respondents in a recent Nielson study commented that continued spikes in Covid-19 across the country are deterring them from shopping in stores –  it is crucial to bring an element of tangibility to this impersonal way of shopping. Augmented Reality allows buyers to make confident purchasing decisions while shopping online. In a recent study 71% of consumers said they would shop more often if retailers effectively used AR. Shopify also released data showing that products with AR have a 94% higher conversion rate than products without.

The next step with AR is a complete digital shopping experience. Kohl’s recently collaborated with Snapchat to create an AR virtual closet. Where customers can be in an AR dressing room, mix and match clothing to find their perfect outfit and purchase those items without having to go to the store. We are currently building AR experiences for our retail clients that allow customers to customize products based on features such size, textures, materials, colors then view them in their home environment, reach out to local sales associates to ask questions and order the products for pick up or delivery right from their phone or computer. Client requests for these types of AR experiences has sky-rocketed in the past year.

There are many more uses for AR than just retail, AR can be used in the food and beverage industry, travel, navigation, manufacturing and more, according to Tripti Rai from Dell Technologies. In the food and beverage industry customers can scan food items, allowing customers instant access to nutritional information on their smartphone and AR can be used as an experience, guiding users through a taste testing verbally.

At Reality Interactive we have been creating AR experiences for many brands including Hot Spring Spas. Our creative and development teams are skilled in the art of bringing your product to life and into the homes of your customers.

With AR’s fast moving adoption now is the time for retailers to get in on this technology. Speak to a member of our sales team to see how we can implement AR into your selling experience.

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