Ohlone College will be using the AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub from Reality Interactive to allow students to safely return to campus this Fall



Ohlone College, a public community college with two campuses, announced they will be implementing the AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub by Reality Interactive to assist with their re-opening strategies this fall.

“The Thermal Scanner has allowed for us to speed up the process for checking in employees and students. Prior to us having the device, we used a hand-held thermometer that forced us to move from behind the plexi shield and come in closer contact with the employees and students. The scanner is not only more efficient, but it is also safer for us to use,” said Shairon Zingsheim, Vice President of Human Resources and Training, Ohlone College.

Six AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hubs will be deployed in high traffic areas on campus, and will take the temperature of entering students, faculty and visitors. Those who have elevated temperatures – a COVID-19 symptom – will be screened before they enter the campus, and be tested and receive treatment off-site, minimizing exposure to other students. The device is also able to detect a mask, process QR codes, integrate with door locks and more.

“We’re delighted that Ohlone College has taken this important step in keeping the campus safe,” said Mitch Debonville, Sales Director, Reality Interactive. “We know the AXSIS™ device provides many other features that will help facilitate other digital campus functions, such as desk or room reservations, calendar integrations, questionnaire distributions, capacity management and more. It will really open up opportunities for the two campuses.”

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