Panera Rolls Out Digital Kiosk Program



Panera Bread has launched a new program, called Panera 2.0, which aims to enhance customer experience through the implementation of new technology, including a self-service digital kiosk called Rapid Pick-up.

To assist in reducing wait time, the kiosks work as an ordering and payment system. But the improved customer experience doesn’t stop there. By integrating with the MyPanera loyalty program, the system also works to create a more customized experience when users swipe their rewards cards.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Customers are now able to order in advance online or from a mobile device for pick-up. They can also use their mobile device to order from their table and have their food delivered to them, with the assistance of an electronic table locator. The fast-lane kiosks are iPads that are available in addition to cashiers to reduce time spent in line. They also include a product builder function which helps ensure order accuracy. Guests can also save their orders as favorites for future trips.

One of the goals of Panera 2.0 is to cater to specific customer needs. Under the traditional Panera format dine-in and take out customers were both treated as though they would have the same experience, waiting in line together. Panera 2.0 seeks to improve the experience for each group, specific to their needs. Dine-in customers will be served at their tables and take out customers will be able to grab their order and go.

Panera plans to roll out Rapid Pick-Up to all locations by the end of 2014, and the rest of the new digital systems over the next 36 months.

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