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Reality hosts 35 top apprentices for 10 weeks of hackathons

Reality hosts 35 top apprentices for 10 weeks of hackathons

Reality Interactive is excited to announce their partnership with the A100 Apprentice Program!

A100, a program of Independent Software, develops college & university computer science students and connects them with innovative local companies. Reality Interactive will be hosting various events in their Middletown headquarters over the next 10 weeks including study hall hackathons, demo days and lunch and learn sessions with up to 35 apprentices from the Stamford and Hartford cohorts.

The hackathons will be hosted right here in the Reality building, allowing the apprentices to use the space to collaborate with their teams as well as with Reality Interactive software developers.

“We are excited to bring the A100 program to Middletown.” Said Jim Ligotti, COO of Reality Interactive. “It’s a great opportunity for us to look for new talent to join our team.” “It will be great to have the energy of aspiring software talent and will help us make connections with the developer and entrepreneur community in Connecticut.”

Take a look at some of of the photos of the first event which kicked off last night!


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