Reality Hosts First SEGD Walking Tour in NYC

Reality Hosts First SEGD Walking Tour in NYC

On a warm summers’ evening Reality guided 40 of SEGD’s finest members through NYC on a tour of some of the retail locations we’ve helped augment with digital experiences. There were three stops along the tour.

segd_walking (5)

The first was Juice Press, which is a great example of digital signage. This is a very energetic content set, designed to quickly and effectively communicate the feeling of the brand, the essence of the juice, and the impact it can have on your life. Best of all we got to sample the best juice in the City.

segd_walking (6)

The next stop was Lego. Their augmented reality experience lets you virtually un-box and play with their toy sets before buying. This gives customers a deeper connection with the product and is a great example of an interactive sales tool.

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The last stop was our famous Time Warner Cable Flagship Store on 23rd street. This is an example of a complete digital environment with different zones of engagement throughout the store, each serving different purposes. We reduce perceived wait time, provide interactive sales tools, and provide information to enhance the experience for both customers and reps.

segd_walking (1)

We wrapped up this fantastic event at Bo’s with some drinks, food and the good company of SEGD NY’s members.


Thanks to SEGD for helping us make this happen!

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