The Thermo-Scanner offers a critical first line of defense for COVID-19 by instantly measuring body temperature without any human interaction.

Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm based in Middletown, Connecticut today announced the launch of a Thermo-Scanner equipped digital screen to help employees and customers feel safer as businesses return to work. The Thermo-Scanner provides a contactless body temperature check in seconds and alerts when a person has a high temperature.

The company initially developed the product within its own headquarters in addition to social distancing measures, as an initiative to help keep employees safe. Upon seeing the reassurance this provided employees and customers, the company launched this to the wider market as a way to help businesses with their reopening strategy. 

The Thermo-Scanner uses infrared technology to detect a person’s body temperature accurately within 0.5 degrees. The powerful Retail-Rugged® digital screen can support custom integrations such as door locks, registration and other 3rd party system software.

The device has a 1280×800 resolution screen that can also feature custom content which assists customers in running additional marketing communication needs, as well as WiFi and LAN support.

The device can be wall mounted, desk mounted, or connected to a stand.

The device is built on Reality Interactive’s Bit-Shuttle™ content management systems allowing real time updates in software as well as content to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

“These are uncertain times and so it’s been invaluable to be able to use technology like this to provide some peace of mind,” said Mitch DeBonville, Reality Interactive. “It’s part of our efforts to help our customers keep their customers safe and healthy.”

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