Grocery and Convenience Store Shopping

Reality survey reveals new insights into shopper’s attitudes to grocery and convenience store shopping



The survey highlights the need for grocery and convenience stores to move beyond responding to the pandemic to elevate and connect the shopper experience across all channels. 

Middletown, CT – July 7th 2020: Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm based in Middletown, Connecticut today released a “2020 Shopper Insights” report. The report is a result of consumer research on shopper attitudes to grocery and convenience store shopping today and into the future. 

Among the findings, the survey found that a lack of inventory was a key issue for shoppers, and as a shoppers are actively searching for alternative shopping options. The report also uncovered that nearly half of shoppers were planning in advance more often, stocking up when they did shop, and reducing impulse purchases. These responses reflect the opportunity for grocery stores to address these challenges to gain customer loyalty, as well as expand their shopper experience to include more support for the ‘planning’ phase of grocery shopping. 

Though a concern for safety was paramount among respondents, responses also reflected shopper’s appetite for change. As quoted by one respondent: “The grocery industry has been ripe for a revolution and this catastrophe to force examination and change is a gift”. Another respondent described grocery shopping as “entering a warzone”. These attitudinal responses highlight the need for grocery and convenience stores to create a positive experience, and design a longer-term shopping experience roadmap for the future beyond the pandemic. 

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