google glass

Setting up Google Glass

Setting up Google Glass

On April 15th Google made the Google Glass available for purchase, to US customers; not starting on April 15th, but on April 15th ONLY.

Being open to trying new technology as we are, we were excited to learn that our own Bryson Hyte made it into the Explorer program.

Since Google has not made public the number of Glasses which they made available, we are not sure how elite of a group this is. What we do know is that Bryson got his by successfully attempting to purchase his pair 30 minutes before they were supposed to go on sale.

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Why We’re Excited

Playing with Google Glass for an hour is not living with the product. We have not yet begun to explore the potential this product has to offer. We have to appreciate the ambition and creativity from Google that went into making this product. There was no precedent for this product from either a technology or a design standpoint. While other companies are focusing on smartwatches as the next logical step, Google jumped to the head of the pack with the Google Glass.

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Over the next week we plan on having Matt Pietkevich use the product in his every day life and share his real life experiences with us. Stay tuned to our blog to hear from Matt.

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