The ‘How’ behind the ‘Wow’ Webinar

The ‘How’ behind the ‘Wow’ Webinar

Today we ran a webinar with SEGD, presented by our own Doug Hampton-Dowson covering Digital Interactive Experiences – the ‘How’ behind the ‘Wow’.

At Reality, we so often see ideas out in the field that miss the mark when it comes to achieving the end result our clients are looking for. What seems like it would be a great strategy can easily fail in reality. So we often employ a number of frameworks to help take the guesswork out of designing digital interactive experiences. These frameworks help us discover new contexts and think about or assess situations from a number of angles.

In this webinar, we covered four of the frameworks we use: EPCC, The Brand Spectrum, The Balancing Act and Retail Rugged.

We then also covered user testing that works – and emphasized the need to gather measurement and feedback from a number of sources to get a real idea of how things are performing.

A special thinks to SEGD for organizing and Justin Molloy for hosting the webinar. If you’d like more information or would like to hear a recording, visit the website for more information.

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